The Mystic Discourses

I’ve got great news! The first installment in my new series of short philosophical books entitled: “The Mystic Discourses” is currently available for purchase.
You can get your own copy of THE MOSAIC MAN for only $10 by clicking right there.

This first book is a integrated collection of short parables that chronicle the journey of our hero from youth, to mature adult, and finally to a place of spiritual nobility. Alongside these episodes are poetic asides which follow the passage of their growth, and form a literary montage of each step along the way. I know you’ll enjoy 😉

Coming soon will be the second installment in this series… entitled “Sharpen Your Soul
I look forward to sharing this new upcoming book with you all in the months to come, as it forms the central feature of the series, being named after the heart of our mission: to temper and balance the whole self with the whole world.