The Method

Soul Coaching is a holistic process.

It harkens back to the “old-school” way of philosophy: a partnership between Teacher & Student toward the noble way.

Being in the Way will change one’s whole life… but one has the sense they’ve simply become all they were meant to be all along. This is because practicing life in the Way is not something esoteric, abstract, and unfamiliar.

Instead, the Way uses ordinary things: fellowship, rest, study, and accountability to accomplish great things in a person. Where the mystery comes in, is in how to unlock that spiritual reality out of our daily lives. Read on to learn about steps you can take to rest in the Way on your own, as well as a breakdown of what Soul Coaching can bring to your life.

“The Way is that we abide in it…”

— Sharpen Your Soul (2021)

Go where your heart leads you on this. No path is easy, but all of these paths will take us there. Where has today found your Soul? Maybe taking a quick moment of introspection is all you need.

Maybe you know you are located in San Diego and are seeking the complete experience: check out CrossSwords Combat Academy for the parent school of, and begin the path of knighthood. Maybe you’re long distance, and know you just need to relax a bit, and read something fun to lift your spirits! Check out these buttons for a redirection to some free science fiction stories, or to read some thought provoking poetry filled with teachings of the Way.

But… maybe you don’t know where to begin, but simply know you need something. Maybe that’s where I come in. Hit ‘Start Now‘ to reach out to me, and take the first steps toward growth and a whole new frame of mind. Soul Coaching entails a complete and holistic revitalization of the individual.

Soul Coaching

Spiritual Counseling

The most intensive element of Soul Coaching, Spiritual Counseling involves LOOKING BACK and diving deep into the Cognitions (beliefs), Affects (feelings), and Behaviors of the individual. Together, these comprise the Spirit of a person. The client and the coach then examine these closely for areas of dissonance, previously unnoticed. By careful teamwork, these domains are brought into accord, and tempered for a sense of clarity, peace, and harmony.

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness training involves centering the self within the present moment and LOOKING NOW. By systematically cleansing clutter from one’s awareness, the coach and client work through disciplines of meditation, which allow the individual to more fully experience their lives. No matter what path an individual walks through life in, mindfulness training equips them with the self-mastery to see clearly, to choose wisely, and to live well.


This wing of Soul Coaching is where the coach and client are LOOKING FORWARD. Life Coaching works to make tactile steps toward the kind of future the client wants for themselves. Through setting goals and accountability, this is a step by small-step process. Whether for job & career, relationships & family, or other personal pursuits, the sense of purpose that comes from goal-oriented responsibility empowers the individual to reset their lives.

The Way must be true enough
to never change.
The Way must change enough

to always be true.

— Sharpen Your Soul (2021)

– Sharpen Your Soul

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