Children of the Storm

A child discovering his father’s ominous legacy, an android on a quest through a dying world, investigators lost through time in search of their world’s last hope, a coming one foretold to change the world… for better or for ill.
     Their paths are woven together by fate, tracing the emergence of a phenomenon called The Storm: a powerful, cosmic rupture reaching across time.  It’s shadow falls through every life, showing the desperate actions taken by humanity to forestall that rise… or to embrace its terrible coming. 

COTS Full Art


Stories from the Children of the Storm Anthology will be serialized and made available to read here on this site.  To select your choice of book from its collection, scroll over the drop down menu of this page, or select from the site’s sidebar on the upper left.  Select books will be updated periodically, released and made available in the months to come.  Make sure to follow this site, to receive knowledge of the updates!  Stay tuned for the eventual release of the complete anthology in the future.

That Storm is raging vast, across deep edges of the Universe.
See its terror in the lightning!  Hear its echo in the thunder.
Though i
t turns also near to us, in our souls throughout Creation.
We’re subjects of its passion!  We are children of its majesty.”

Welcome to the Many Worlds,

– J . S . Anthony