About Jared Anthony

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Jared Anthony McNeil–Smith is a writer and teacher from southern California.  There he enjoys life with his beautiful wife, Rowan.  In 2018, founded CrossSwords Combat Academy: the first school of the Ordo Viaprisca, an order of knighthood that trains the arts of nobility.  At, CrossSwords, students live out the sharpening of the whole soul: the mind through philosophy, the body through martial arts, and the spirit through swordsmanship.

SharpenYourSoul.com is another outpost of the O.V., created for those who seek spiritual practices of nobility in their lives but who don’t have access to an O.V. school nearby.  Check out the blog for some reading to dive into, and grab a copy of from the Mystic Discourses (philosophical books about nobility) to start your path toward self-sacrifice and spiritual growth!  You can also follow @JaredAnthologyEither way, whether in word and in deed: we look forward to meeting you along the Way.

Enjoy your stay, join the #HumbleRebellion, and sharpen your soul!

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