About Jared Anthony


Hi Friends,
My name is Jared Anthony, and this is my place. 

As a Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, and Instructor of Swordsmanship & Philosophyit’s my passion to help individuals find a sense of holistic health for their soul.
At CrossSwords Combat Academy, my school of nobility, our members understand the “Soul” as the holistic self: their mind, body, spirit, relationships, and all that encompass one’s being.  While my students and friends of the Way over at CrossSwords undergo the kind of spiritual development and training talked about here…  Swordsmanship and Martial Arts may not be accessable to everyone.
SharpenYourSoul was created, for those seeking to incorporate Spiritual practice into their lives: for growth, goal setting, sense of peace, and direction with a purpose.
The important part of this process, is understanding that we all need this as a regular part of our lives, in all seasons of growth.  Whether you are in need of spiritual healing in times of turmoil, or in a place of strength seeking opportunities for growth and increased harmony in your life: join the many others who have begun their journey in the Way, and schedule your first Soul Coaching session.

Soul Coaching

A fusion of Spiritual Counseling, Life Coaching, and Mindfulness Training.  Read more about it here.

It’s my belief that this harmony of being, comes through three key things.  These are a balance of oneself with the world around them, a temperance of oneself against the parts of their being within them, and an ultimate sense of harmony with things more infinite.  This site is a place where I love starting conversations about The Way, and bringing the power of it to those who are seeking rest for their souls.    

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If being captured by a sense of grace and purpose is your thing, you’re welcome to follow this site by email (articles of its blog will be sent to you for free) or follow on twitter/instagram @JaredAnthology
Also, if you also see the wisdom locked in poetry and story as a powerful tool for your reflection and growth: please also check out some of my science fiction short stories (free to download) above, or my books available on amazon.

As you read about the Teachings of the Way, however, you may come to the same realization I have: many avenues of growth are found through working with others along the Way.   No matter where we are in our lives: feeling our brokenness and needing to become strong, or believing our strength and needing to become broken – we all need regular guidance in our lives.  If you sense this need in yourself, for increased direction, meaning, or guidance in these pursuits – certainly reach out!  
You’ll be joining a special crew of those who are on fire for spiritual discipline and fostering joy in their lives and who live out this #HumbleRebellion each and every day.

Either way, whether in word or in deed: I look forward to meeting you along the Way.

Enjoy your stay and sharpen your soul, everyone!