Soul Coaching

The Way teaches that every individual will not find rest until their whole being is brought to Harmony. While this may sound abstract: it’s really rather simple, just difficult to master.

The Human Being is composed of a multitude of domains: their Thoughts, their Actions, their Feelings, their Relationships, their Reputations, their Legacies, and their Communion with a sense of the Infinite (that is, of God).

Spiritual counseling investigates these domains, with the individual and the guide working together, to locate the area needing attention. Mindfulness training centers the individual in the moment, to best situate them for growth. Life Coaching charges the individual forward to make positive goal oriented changes in their lives. The Way teaches that when these areas are in accord, the whole Soul emerges with a sort of musical harmony! A dissonant psychology can hamper growth in countless areas, but a little conversation and partnership goes a long way in bringing on new growth.

Whether you’re feeling lost in the woods of existence, or well on your way but always seeking to grow and learn more about living well, Soul Coaching (Spiritual Counseling, Mindfulness Training, & Life Coaching) is an excellent path.
For the nature of the Way is to strengthen those who are weak, and to humble those who are strong. Come join the many others in our #HumbleRebellion and take the next step today.

The Way:
Toward Growth