Let’s start revolution. We all know our society needs and craves change. We all know deep down that we also fear change, because it challenges our safety and security. We all want freedom but we all want stability. we all want order but we all despise tyranny. The Humble Rebellion began as an idea: that starting on the individual level we could begin a catalyzing fire that will revolutionize our world. The magic of such a notion, is that it is doable and achievable, because all it takes is you and I — yet it’s vast and powerful, because it has the ability to change things.

To learn how you can join the revolution and become a Humble Rebel, there’s a few good placed to start. First, scan the main blog for the #HumbleRebellion tag and read all you can. There’s a variety there, from personal change and understanding to empathy and community driven change. Next, a series of manifesto-style essays will be linked below for us to read, understand, and rally behind. While these essays will follow logically from the more metaphysical principles which underly our ideals, they will take things in a more tactile direction giving us physical and practical steps to light the fire.

Be noble, humble rebels!
And sharpen your soul.