It’s time…

It’s in this season of resetting our eyes up to Christ that I announce the coming release of my most earthy & practically minded volume of the Mystic Discourses yet: #OurHumbleRebellion

This 4th volume will be a partner to volume 2 (Sharpen Your Soul). V.2 is filled with lessons about the internal life; V.4 takes these applies them into an outward code of noble conduct.
It may seem an odd announcement during Lent… yet, as always, whether by things internal or external, we are ennobled not by the strength of our clinging-to but by the strength of that to which we cling.

So, while we await this release after Easter, get your copy of vol.3, “Heart of the Phoenix” to begin some meditations about noble sacrifice while remaining in the Way 📚 and see you on the other side!

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