We’ll Keep Our Eyes

We’ll keep our eyes upon the Cross:
His death brings life, our gain brings loss.
When darker shadows shelter us,
what’s true remains, for so it must.

Behold: the grave opens its maw
and all our struggles, scarred and raw,
will fall therein to feel its jaw…
as sages old, have taught and saw.

This is the way of all the earth:
triumph comes by our surrender.
We champion the greatest worth,
by what means are small and tender.

So, walk the grim road of sorrow:
anguish gazes on tomorrow.
Or, blaze the bright heights of glory:
triumphs recollect His story.

Take heart, seeker of kenosis,
and follow well thy holy part!
Heed this sacred diagnosis:
as dead thou wert, so dead thou art.

Go! Find true life in losing things.
Find in losing: the finding God!
For He hears what the lost soul sings,
but turns the proud back with His rod.

He shatters princes, thrones, and kings,
yet to the lowly: good gifts brings.
The one who seeks God is brought low:
for down is where all good ways go.

We follow on, with steps of trust,
when darker shadows shelter us.
Though fire shall burn, and wave shall toss,
we’ll keep our eyes upon the Cross.

#MysticDiscourses vol.V

Cover art from Endo Shusaku’s “The Samurai,”
reminding us all to keep our eyes on Him.