It’s Here!

Hey everyone!
After a long wait, the titular and central book is released to the wilds šŸ˜€

Are you ready for a challenge?

This book is a philosophical and meditative guide on understanding the mysteries of living life. Its goal is to draw up the entrenched patterns of thinking, acting, & believing we have left unattended in us. But by challenging us on these unexamined areas, it will also grow us in the process.

I am very excited to finally have this book made available to everyone! All my students have been pining for a written form of some of the central principles we teach at CrossSwords Battle School, and I’ve always loved the idea of translating what is usually communicated personally over long periods of time into a format that is both readableā€¦ and yet not deceptively easy to comprehend.

The beauty of the Way is often in its mystery, and its my hope that this tome will offer any seeking a path, the means to access and grapple with the hidden things of usually only available to those sitting with a teacher.

See you soon, down along the Way of the Noble!

It’s time to Sharpen Your Soul.