The Mosaic Man

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
In this season of thankfulness and year of growth for us all, I’ve been working on and recently completed a project I’m honored to finally share. This new book is an anthology of poetry, proverbs, and parables, all of which weave together into a single story.
The narrative itself, follows a lone pilgrim on a journey from youthful desire for knowledge to a place of true wisdom. My hope and prayer is that it can act as a meditation for anyone who seeks out that ancient Way.

Get your copy here!

I’m very thankful and excited to share this with everyone 🙌 if you’d like a copy for yourself (or to grab as a gift for the holidays) there are both paperback and ebook versions available on Amazon right here ☺️ 👉 The Mosaic Man —and hey, it’s only 10 bucks too👌👌👌

Anyone you know like poetry and a good dose of philosophy? I’d be honored if you took a look 🙏 ☺️ Blessings and happy holidays, everyone!
Sharpen Your Soul 👊