On Virtues & Vices

We are weakened by what we oppose, and strengthened by what we stand for. So stand with the good and let that good overcome all evil.

Our greatest virtues are revealed by violence in the face of our ignorance, and our greatest vices are revealed by our humility in the face of our present and former immaturities.

There are many false virtues. Each of these masquerade as truth by appealing to our need for security; they offer plain and straightforward morals. By this, they avoid the dissonance of paradoxical values that composes the inherent and deepest levels of being in all realms of the soul: the virtues of action, the wisdoms of understanding, and the ardency of convictions. This is critical. For the true virtue, the true wisdom, and the true conviction are those which have wrestled with the diathetic roots of their domain and found harmony from the chaos. Artificially composed order that rises from ignorance or avoidance,is as harmful as the chaos that comes from the mysteries of truth… but from these latter also come the fruits of life to the ones who walk the narrow, more excellent, and consequently dangerous Way.

This is why we face our brokenness rather than flee it, this is why we seek out challenges rather than avoid them, this is why we embrace change… because through brokenness is strength, through challenge is growth, and through change is the single, immutable, and unshakable Truth of all creation.
Therefore, the true Way is to remain, or abide onward, in the way. We overcome evil in the world, not by evil, but by way of the Good.

We always change hearts: heart to heart. That has always been the Way.
Until we can truly love those who are hateful toward others, we will never have the power to change them.
We need to give them what they don’t have ——love. That takes sacrificing our own desire to avenge, attack, and feel righteous, in exchange for lowering ourselves and waging the most powerful weapon we have: Grace.
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