The one who holds

Why then have I come?
To own or enjoy
To love or master
These many wonders?
To seclude myself
Seeking for control
I will soon be lost.
Yet, if I let go
And relinquish me…
What then holds my soul?

Who is the knower?
And what do they know?
Is it I, who know?
Or am I the known?
Does the true mind see
Or heart understand,
Why I have arrived
At their endless shores?
None can know of this,
But the one who holds.

Speak on then, wisdom
Should winds favor you.
If your heart moves you
To speak of heavens
And the earth below.
But now I can tell,
That none of your words
Quench my vexations.
While to listen well,
May truly guide me.

For in thy voice comes
The cadence of grace.
From thy Word lives on
Each season, its place.
While items of thought
In reason’s embrace
Are lost to the dance
And chances of fate.
Comes me, to behold.
And to hold, comes He.