5 Ways to Better Honor God

  1. Rest in the finished work of Christ.  Just enjoy him.
  2. Number 2 is not “Then begin focusing on discipleship.”
  3. Number 3 is not “Then set up a mandated quiet time.”
  4. Number 4 is not “Then systematize ways to slay your sin.”
  5. Number 5 is not “Then graduate the Gospel into meatier theology.”

Did I get you for a second?  Sorry – I couldn’t resist.  But no; there is no step-by-step to earn God’s favor.  All good things come out of us naturally as we rest in him.

If we, like Peter, take our eyes off Jesus and start looking at how we’re doing – that’s when we start to sink.   That’s when we drown.  We simply are to enjoy him.  And when we take joy in him and his love for us, all the rest takes care of itself: we’ll want to dive deeper, we’ll want to spend alone time in prayer, we’ll want to revel in his good things so much that even sin won’t distract us anymore, and we’ll want to talk about him to others.   It will all just be second-nature. 

Rest in his joy & do what you love!
For you’ll love most rightly when resting in him.

Enjoy him! Just enjoy him, and he’ll fill you with his laughter.  If he wanted you to work hard for him, he’d have left work for you to do.  But it’s all done.  It is finished.  It’s here where the Gospel truly meets daily and practical living: in echoing his laughter!

Because laughter smells like Jesus.