Hey all!  The revised 2nd edition of my first novel – Dark Planet – will be re-published soon and available for purchase.  The book was my first full length project way back in high school;  while I kept much the same in the hopes of preserving the flavor of the story as I wrote it then, I’ve updated bits here and there as my writing ability has grown.  I am very excited to share it again with everyone.  It’s a story of struggle and of conflict and dreams through the darkness.
See the full synopsis below!  More soon to come 🙂

DP2018 Cover

“FOR DECADES an Empire of the Eastern Darklands has hunted James and his growing clan of rebels.  Now as their final haven is destroyed before their very eyes, where can they turn?  THEY ARE COMING.
The stars are setting on the far edge of the desert.  THERE’S NO TIME.
There must be a lasting peace… James must find it quickly, before they are consumed by this DARK PLANET.”

Enter the world of Vera – a realm lost in shadow and shrouded in mystery.  Filled with epic battles and courageous plights, “Dark Planet” follows James Gray, a conflicted chieftain of a wandering clan.  To free his people from the forces that govern their world, they adopt a new way of life setting them at odds with surrounding nations.  No matter how far they run, the armies of the dark North seem ever to find them.  As the doom of all peoples seems certain, James must struggle against time to save not only his clan but the whole of Vera!
The hidden roots of their conflict run deep; he must find the truth before war comes crashing down around them.

Dark Planet is a tragic quest of one man’s stand… against the world he’s trying to save.