From My Beginnings (A Hymn)

From my beginnings, how narrow-minded my gall,
To, while born to your blessings, then blacken my soul
Born justly condemned, and through living confirmed,
That were I bound hell-ward it’d be aptly earned.

Yet reckless in measure, interrupting the gavel
It was thy good pleasure: thy grace to unravel
I lashing my temper, and lustful of idols,
Was lavished on tenderly without reprisal.

Foolishly feigning perfection and pleasure
I veiled my visage, in fear of my failure
So unschooled in grace, I persist my facade
‘Till thy, faithful corrections lead me to the cross.

Oh grand the season, when thy will is keen
To grant to my reason obsession with thee!
Oh how delightful, and good for my soul
When thy beauty reminds me: my portion’s the Lord.

Then comes the old man tempting my pleasures.
And after such vict’ry, I abandon thy treasures.
Long-suffering and true, you’re faithful to keep me
You give your hand of discipline rather than release me.

Never in scolding, in love you enlighten me
I am a pauper, you’re thee Prince of Glory…
Oh, great exchange, you’ve raptured my fate
And granted through rising a destiny great.

Oh, To pass through the seasons, and travel no more,
To cast away, breath and bones, at heaven’s door,
To sing hallelujah, a sinner no more,
This freedom, my inheritance, found here in the Lord.

Ancient of Days, and Rock of the Ages,
Who graciously giveth and wrathfully rages,
You’re Sovereign and Holy, both Righteous and Strong,
You’re boundless in glory, My Savior, My God.

– 9-30-14