Sharpen Your Soul (book)

Sharpen Your Soul: a Spiritual Guide to Practical Growth” is the 2nd installment in my short philosophical series: The Mystic DiscoursesWhile Volume 1 (The Mosaic Man) looks at the pilgrims journey through parable and poetry, this second volume breaks down the process more investigatipvely, as if from master to student.  In its pages are a collection of 5 teachings of the Viaprisca — the noble way.  For those who are seeking a path, Sharpen Your Soul provides a meditative and introspective way to grow as an individual, and become an agent for change in the world.


If you are ready to take a journey deep into the composition of your own being, especially if you are prepared for that journey taking you back out of yourself in a way that challenges and grows you…
then the time is right to:


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